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Polycon Water Management is a specialist in the manufacturing and distribution of stormwater retention systems and flow control units.

We provide solutions for rainwater storage and retention such as attenuation systems and infiltration systems manufactured from regenerated Polypropylene to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Polycon are established leaders and specialists in the surface water drainage industry and have been manufacturing and selling channel drainage for over eight years. Our industry knowledge and expertise has allowed us to expand our customer base and now we aim to do so even further by supplying water management solutions.

Here at Polycon, we are always looking how we can improve and remain relevant within the industry and a huge part of why we can do this is our customer feedback. Our feedback allows us to develop and rapidly adapt to the constantly changing market and easily adjust to what our customers preferred needs.

Our specialist staff with expert knowledge of the water management market ensure that we can provide efficient solutions to a variety of applications such as new residential developments, car parks and landscaped areas. Our team and their exceptional understanding of the industry allows to not only meet but exceed customer needs and expectations.

We aim to focus our attention on professionals who sit within the construction industry. Targeting our products to specifiers, architects, engineers, and contractors allows us to understand the importance in expanding our range of solutions.

Our main distribution centre is located in Widnes Cheshire, meaning we can offer next day delivery services to across the UK, where applicable.

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Why choose us

Expert Knowledge

As a company one of our main values in being able to provide our customers with the answers to all of their queries so they feel satisfied and comfortable using us as a supplier. Our thorough, in depth understanding of the water management industry enables us to build effective and tailored solutions for a range of applications.


Our engineering expertise has taught us that building sustainably is the most profitable strategy. It has been demonstrated that our engineering expertise and building materials boost the profitability and sustainability of construction projects for both users and builders.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated team of specialist staff at the ready to answer all question during any time from the initial project specification through to the project’s completion. Our customer service is something we pride ourselves on as our aim is always to try and find a solution to any problem or query our customers may have.

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