Easy to install, bespoke unit designed to be integrated within stormwater management systems



PolyBrake is a sustainable vortex flow control unit designed to limit water flow into downstream water systems to prevent flooding or fulfil sewage flow regulations.

Built with performance in mind, the grade 304 stainless steel PolyBrake uses the site specified design head and design flow to calculate the optimum dimensions for the unit.

Featuring a 3-6x larger orifice than traditional flow controllers, the PolyBrake has a reduced likelihood of blockages. As a further measure, an integrated remote access bypass door is used as to drain the system to prevent backflow.

The PolyBrake is a low-maintenance flow regulation system, operating as part of a green drainage system and features no moving parts thus little to no maintenance is needed.


Edge Options

Curved Edge

The curved back PolyBrake unit is available so that they can be secured into specified manholes without the need of vertical benching. This is a practical solution and makes for an easy installation.

Flat Edge

The flat back PolyBrake unit is available and is to be secured onto flat surfaces and can be done quickly and easily.


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