Our chamber is a ready-to-use system that can be pre-fitted with our Poly Brake and is configurable to individual site needs.

The chamber is a cost-effective, lightweight, easy to install alternative to expensive concrete chambers and requires no construction or wet trades.

The chamber is available in 1050mm, 1200mm 1350mm and 1500mm diameter; making it ideal for a multitude of applications as no heavy-lifting equipment is needed.

The chamber can be formed using specified dimensions including: sump depth, chamber depth, unit mounting position, inlet/outlet pipework; all designed to save time during the installation process.

Technical Information

  • Designed for use with our bespoke flow controllers
  • Available in 1050mm, 1200mm, 1350mm and 1500mm
  • Lightweight and quick installation
  • Configurable specific to site needs
Chamber unit with pipe