Modular element made of lightweight Polypropylene, optimised for efficient rainwater management.



Drainpanel is a modular storage system for use within underground on-site rainwater management in areas with a low water table. Using a recycled Polypropylene, the lightweight structure uses a stackable design capable of reducing transportation costs and on-site storage

Configurable with different geotextile covers Drainpanel is an efficient rainwater management solutions for attenuation tanks or infiltration basins.

Featuring a high compression limit of 60 tonnes, Drainpanel is suitable for a multitude of applications and environments from residential or commercial areas to high traffic projects.

Using an alternating pattern, the Drainpanel can be built up to 12 layers high creating a system with a large capacity.



Residential Areas

Green Areas

Car Parks

Sports Facilities


High Capacity

Drain Panel in Application

The Drainpanel elements can be installed to maximum of 12 layers, with 4 layers offering a net water storage capacity of 963 litres. Each module consists of 16 hollow and perforated stubs that allow water to flow up through the system if the inlet flow exceeds the discharge flow.

Fast Installation

Drain Panel Installation Guide

The installation of the product is completely manual, without need for mechanical handling. Installation can be carried out by a single operator as the weight of the modules is lower than the maximum liftable weight in optimal conditions (ISO 11228).

Stackable Elements

Drain Panel

The Drainpanel and Drainpanel half elements connect with each other by rotating the panels 90° with respect to the underlying layer and use a basic interlocking system to secure the structure in place. The lateral connection follows the “brick” assembly technique, without any additional components required.

Load Bearing

Load Baring image for Drain Panel

Drainpanel was designed to withstand heavy weight classes, featuring a 60 tonne capacity with the Drain panel is ideal for many environments.


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