Drening is a modular element made of regenerated Polymer designed to create underground tanks for rainwater management.


Drening Features

Drening water drainage system limits surface water flow, instead promoting underground dispersion, resulting in better drainage efficiency in urban areas

The tunnel design provides a lightweight, non-invasive solution to rainwater management and flood prevention and can be used as part of attenuation, infiltration or retention systems.

The easy-to-install single layer design of the Drening means there is a reduced excavation depth and expedited construction process.

The Drening non-invasive structure is designed as a sustainable infiltration system, with the additional bonus of improving hydrological balance below the sub-soil and recharging the aquifers.


  • Sustainable LEED certified system
  • SLW 60 Load bearing Capacity
  • Non-invasive solution to on-site water management
  • Lightweight tunnel design
  • Reduced excavation needs
  • Promotes hydrological balance and recharges aquifers
  • Excels in areas with high water table


Green Areas

Residential Areas

Public Parks

Car parks

Heavy Trafficked Areas


Reduced Excavation

The Drenning tunnel structure allows a low depth, non invasive solution, ideal for areas with a high water table.

Simple Installation

Thanks to its lightness, less than 10 kg per element, it can be handled manually without the need for mechanical means.


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