The HexiCell is an urban attenuation system,  designed to manage storm water and underground drainage.



The design provides an efficient and reliable method of water control, through rainwater retention, attenuation, or infiltration at shallow levels. This reduces installation depths, compared to conventional sub-base replacements. Ultimately, this reduces  excavation and installation costs, whilst simultaneously reducing installation time.

The System consists of modular plastic units, with a honeycomb structure. It is  ideal for applications in landscaped & industrial areas where they would be supporting more than 800kN/m² vertical force and 200kN/m² lateral forces.

The HexiCell has a 95% void ratio which facilitates performance as an attenuation system. The 52% perforation rate aids efficient infiltration into sub-surfaces.

Designed using high strength Polypropylene, the HexiCell has an estimated lifespan of 50 years. This  highlights the HexiCell as a great replacement for the usual conventional sub-base materials.

The honeycomb shape of the HexiCell provides structural stability and efficiency. It portrays similar benefits to a geocellular storage tank when looking at the retention, detention, and discharge or rainwater without having any major impact on the site during construction. This is because the HexiCell has a much shallower profile.  This allows for sites to reduce drainage cost by about 30%.

Economic Benefits

  • Eliminates costly irrigation systems by wicking stored water to the root zone of landscaped areas.
  • Mimics the natural water cycle and can save up to 30% on overall site drainage costs.
  • Reduced construction time and cost by simplifying detention within a continuous, uniform layer
    of HexiCell.




Athletic Fields

Eco Landscapes

Green Roof


Tight Connections

Patented horizontal and vertical buckle design secures components in place.

Efficent Installation

There are two vertical directions and six horizontal directions in which the modules can be installed. This can be done without any additional tools, resulting in a quick and simple installation.


The HexiCell can be pre-assembled for quicker on-site installation if they are 9 square metres or bigger in size.

Stackable Multi-Layers

Up to 20 layers can be stacked when equipped with overlapping modules that are vertically orientated.


HexiCell Brochure

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