Increasing your ROI with PolyCrate

The PolyCrate system is a solution to handle the increased level of rainfall. This system is for the infiltration, attenuation and harvesting of rainwater. This can help to improve your ROI by minimising water-related harm and long-term maintenance expenses. Additionally, the water retention systems’ large capacity increases the resilience of both urban and rural infrastructure. PolyCrate is implemented in industrial and commercial locations with high vehicle traffic due to its superior mechanical resistance.

The Key features of our PolyCrate system:

  • It has a 96% water retention capacity.
  • The system has 100% fully inspectable units.
  • Improves project ROI.
  • SLW 60 Load class capacity.
  • The stackable element of the PolyCrate allows you to save storage space.
  • PolyCrate is made from recycled polypyrene.

The PolyCrate improves the resilience of urban spaces through the reduction of surface water runoff and the preservation of the natural water cycle in accordance with the SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) strategy. Our goal is to reduce flood risks and the associated repair costs.