PolyCrate Quick fire facts

The PolyCrate system is modernised, fully inspectable and created to manage rainfall.  The unit is for the retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse of rainwater.

PolyCrates internal structure is easily accessible for maintenance and inspection purposes, therefore we designed the PolyCrate to be fully compatible with a compact wheeled camera. This enters through the basin and is able to do a 360° video examination from any angle, direction, and level.

The PolyCrate holds three times as much water as gravel. We used experts to design a system that will present the least amount of clogging risk and the best possibility for maintenance.

One of the key points that we followed when designing the PolyCrate was to appropriately create it around the correct dimensions when referring to the systems underground basin. This ensures that the PolyCrate meets the wants and needs of projects. It also ensures that it meets the requirements of local rainfall parameters and the soil properties.

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