High capacity system for stormwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse.


PolyCrate Features

PolyCrate stormwater retention system has been engineered for efficiency within infiltration, retention and attenuation systems. Designed for fast installation and being 100% inspectable, its versatile modular design allows site specific configuration making it ideal for landscaped areas and industrial environments.

The discrete, recycled Propylene underground system collects rainwater and temporarily stores it, slowly releasing it into sewage systems to prevent downstream flooding in built-up areas.

The storage space of PolyCrate can be configured specific to site needs and features a void ratio of 96%, meaning a cavity volume 3 times larger than the gravel equivalent, thus reducing excavation depth and man-hours.

One fully loaded truck of PolyCrate stormwater solution does the equivalent of 75 truckloads of gravel whilst additionally reducing the need for on-site storage by 88%.


Universal Applications

Attenuation/infiltration systems

Retention Basin

Drainage solution for Commercial & Industrial areas

Irrigation in pedestrian areas

Public Parks



PolyCrate during installation

PolyCrate is a system of lightweight modular elements, with the capacity to be structured in configurations specific to individual site needs. The 75 x 75 x H80cm elements are easy to handle and have dimensions and weights optimised for high efficiency. Made from recycled Polypropylene, the cells are lightweight and easy to handle on-site, removing the need for expensive lifting equipment.


PolyCrate Stackable elements

The PolyCrate elements were designed to maximise packing density whilst maintaining functionality. The larger elements are stackable, allowing 460 m3 of installed volume to be transported in just 60 m3 of whilst simultaneously reducing on-site storage by 88%. The economic, logistical and environmental advantages are very clear and appreciated by all the players in the value chain.

Weight Bearing

PolyCrate Installation process

The PolyCrate element, produced in 4 different load bearing capacities, was designed to meet a multitude of applications, making the PolyCrate system the ideal solution for pedestrian areas to industrial property. Materials with high mechanical performance meet the requirements of strict technical specifications and performance; while the use of 100% regenerated Propylene materials meet the sustainability requirements that demanded for environmental preservation.


PolyCrate Brochure

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