Geocell facilitates the disposal of water from the surface, preventing above ground flooding, whilst providing protection to underground structures in landscaped developments.



Geocell was developed to create a easy-to-handle, and non invasive solution to rainwater saturation in impermeable areas.

Featuring a 100% recycled Polypropylene design, the lightweight modular structure of geocell promotes dispersion of subsurface liquid to prevent above-ground stagnation.

Its 90° tiltable design allows bidirectional drainage solutions and the 30mm module depth reduces excavation needs by up to 20% compared to traditional gravel drainage systems.

The Geocell modules slot together using an overlapping connections, creating an estimated laying time of 100m2/man-hour.


  • Bidirectional design
  • Versatile Polypropylene structure
  • Interlocking connections for ease of installation
  • Reduced excavation depth
  • 90° tiltable design
  • High Compressive strength – tensile strength of 95t/m2


Pedestrian Areas

Sports Facilities

Public Parks

Geotechnical Works

Green Roofs



GeoCell in application

Although measuring 58 x 58 x H3cm, the Geocell features a high flexural and compressive strength, with a ultimate rupture load of 95 t/m2, making the structure suitable for all types of environments. The Geocell is a structurally strong solution to impermeable areas whilst creating a stable foundation for future paving developments.

Bidrectional Flow

By Directional flow of Geocell

Unlike gravel solutions, the Geocell promotes bidirectional drainage flow, made possible by using the connections of up to 90° angles within the system. The bidirectional dispersion of Geocell creates effective drainage solutions in a multitude of surfaces with less excavation compared to traditional infiltration solutions.

High Flow Rate

Waerflow of GeoCell

Featuring a high void ratio of 91%, the Geocell has the ability to store up to 27 l/m2 of surface area. This creates an effective solution to impermeable spaces between the ground and the paving, able to improve drainage in urban areas without damaging the above-ground surfaces.


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