High capacity system for stormwater retention, infiltration, disposal, or reuse.


StormGuard Features

Welcome to the future of water management with the StormGuard+, the revolutionary attenuation crate provided by Polycon Water Management. With our state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs, StormGuard+ is set to redefine how rainfall affects areas prone to flooding or with minimal drainage. Let us introduce you to this cutting-edge product and the multitude of benefits it brings.

The StormGuard+ stormwater retention system has been engineered to enhance efficiency in infiltration, retention, and attenuation systems. Designed for quick installation and boasting 100% inspectability, its adaptable modular design allows for customization according to projects, making it particularly suitable for landscaped areas and industrial environments.

This discreet underground system, made from recycled polypropylene, effectively collects rainwater and temporarily stores it. The stored water is then gradually released into drainage systems, mitigating the risk of downstream flooding in urbanised areas.

The storage capacity of StormGuard+ can be tailored to meet specific site requirements and has an impressive void ratio of 96%. This means that its cavity volume is three times larger than the equivalent amount of gravel, resulting in reduced excavation depth and labour hours.

Incredibly, a single truck loaded with StormGuard+ can achieve the same effect as 75 truckloads of gravel, while also minimising the need for on-site storage by 88%.

Universal Applications

  • Attenuation/infiltration systems.
  • Retention Basin.
  • Drainage solution for Commercial & Industrial areas.
  • Irrigation in pedestrian areas.



Public Parks

Car Parks & Roadways

Sports Fields

Urban Development

Universal Applications

Attenuation / infiltration systems.

Retention Basin.

Drainage solution for Commercial & Industrial areas.

Irrigation in pedestrian areas.



StormGuard+ is a system of lightweight modular elements designed to cater to the unique requirements of individual sites. These elements, measuring 1m x 50m x H50cm, are highly manageable and crafted with dimensions and weights optimised for exceptional efficiency. Constructed from recycled Polypropylene, the cells of StormGuard+ offers a lightweight composition that allows for effortless on-site handling, eliminating the necessity for costly lifting equipment.


The StormGuard+ components were engineered to optimise packing density while preserving their functionality. The larger components can be easily stacked, enabling the transportation of a remarkable 220m3. Thereby reducing on-site storage by an impressive 88%. The evident economic, logistic, and environmental benefits have gained widespread recognition and appreciation across all stakeholders in the value chain.

Weight Bearing

The StormGuard+ is designed to meet a multitude of applications, making the StormGuard+ system the ideal solution for pedestrian areas and commerical developments. Materials with high mechanical performance meet the requirements of strict technical specifications and performance; while the use of 100% regenerated Propylene materials meet the sustainability requirements that demanded for environmental preservation.


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