A sustainable sewage system for homeowners…

Drening is a water drainage system that limits surface water flow and instead promotes underground dispersion, resulting in better drainage efficiency within urban areas.

Drening is a practical and economical method of managing wastewater especially for homeowners. It is utilised for the effective sub-irrigation disposal of domestic wastewater. Drening is a perfect solution in residential areas that don’t connect to the main sewage systems as it manages waste accordingly. Additionally, if the property’s existing sewage system has insufficient capacity, it may be a useful supplemental solution.

Percolation, often referred to as sub-irrigation, is the basis for the solution. This method mimics the way wastewater is often distributed naturally, from top to bottom, in a bed known as a “percolation bed” that is made up of numerous layers of draining material. Drening ensures a quick and even infiltration in the subsoil. As a result of this, Drening is much more efficient than the often used micro-perforated pipes. The water drainage system provides improved percolation purification results. 

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installation of the drening water drainage system being installed into a homeowners garden/ residential area.