Top 5 Advantages of DrainPanel

Introducing the advantages of DrainPanel… However, using gravel takes up a lot of space and allows weights a lot, whilst also requiring a lot of mechanical equipment, transportation, and unsustainable materials.

Our solution to solve the issues contractors and ground workers face when using gravel, is by implementing DrainPanel. This system is a more sustainable and profitable alternative solution to gravel and comes with a handful of other benefits such as:

The DrainPanel is a versatile system:

DrainPanel has multiple different uses. The basin can be used for both rainfall infiltration and retention for reuse depending on the type of geotextile being used to cover it.

drainpanel is a versatile system

The DrainPanel has a 96% Retention Capacity:

DrainPanel holds 3 times the greater volume of void ratio. This allows you to retain more water with a basin size, replacing tons of unsustainable material with nothing but air.

The DrainPanel system can be handled manually:

The DrainPanel system is lightweight, which weighs around 10kg per module. There is no need for mechanical tools or lifting equipment. It can be handled and installed manually.

Drain Panel Installation Guide

Efficient Logistics and storage:

The DrainPanel is a stackable system. As a result of this, it requires 75 fewer lorry loads than gravel for a 450 m3 basin. This reduces storage space whilst also providing great savings, due to the DrainPanel being a much more efficient system in terms of logistics.

efficient logistic and storage of drainpanel

The DrainPanel is easy to inspect:

This is one of the main advantages of DrainPanel because gravel offers no way to inspect the system. With it being a hollow, plastic structure, it’s easy to manage and to unblock quickly.

inspectable hollow drain panel diagram.

To find out even more information on our DrainPanel why not check out our downloads section, here you can find.

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