What innovative solutions does the PolyCrate bring?

What innovative solutions does the PolyCrate bring to Water Management?

Polycrate is a new and innovative way to improve rainwater management and flood resilience. It has strong qualities that set it apart from current competitors and conventional water management systems thanks to the most recent engineering developments:

The PolyCrate is 100% inspectable:

The state of the basin can be easily inspected and examined during its lifespan thanks to the PolyCrate modules’ simple inspection and cleaning accessibility.

inside a PolyCrate showing how the chamber is inspectable to help solve blockages that ay occur in the future.

The PolyCrate has a 96% water retention capacity:

The PolyCrate container is hollow, plastic and an effective method for storing rainwater as it can hold three times as much water as gravel, crushed stone, or perforated pipes.

The Polycrate demonstrating 96% water capacity

Quick & easy installation and lightweight solution:

The modules can be easily lifted, moved, and installed by individual employees on site. This is a major benefit as it increases productivity as more can be done in less time and reduces the need for heavy machinery on site.

The polycrate demonstrating its lightweight components and easy installation

High Load Bearing Capacity:

PolyCrate’s SLW 60 load-bearing class makes it suitable for locations where there is heavy vehicle traffic as well as green or pedestrian areas.

Polycrate can withstand its load bearing class for heavy vehicle traffic as well as green and pedestrian areas.

Less Storage Space:

The PolyCrate’s components are modular and made to fit together seamlessly. This reduces the overall volume and of storage space. This might be an extremely important factor, especially for particularly small or difficult-to-access sites.

A Sustainable Choice:

The PolyCrate is highly effective when it comes to reducing surface runoff and maintaining the natural water cycle. This factor significantly enhances the resilience and sustainability of urban areas.

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